Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Magical Pork? Carrots for Dessert??

Hi All,

Chilorio: We ALL loved it!   It was tender, flavorful, citrusy and amazing!  It just disappeared off their plates!  Sorry for the jump right in start.  I'm excited to share with you how this week's "magic" recipe has fared in our house.

Let's start with our most difficult "foodie": Ms J:   I had a bit of PR to do with Ms. J.. I told her "Mommy picked this recipe just for you.. Its Pork, which you love... Orange Juice, which you love... and tortillas, which you love... Your going to love it..."   This pitch is not new to Ms J, she's heard it many times before.   She looks at me sideways akin to the "whatch you talkin' 'bout Willis?" look and says.. "well, i guess i'll give it a try.."    I made a small burrito for both girls, just tortilla, chilorio and a bit of sour cream.   And... They ATE IT!   I paid little attention to them while they ate (or so they thought).. I just went about my business.. Spring in my step.. =)

Verdict:  Ms J: Thumbs Flat.  (for those new to the blog, the kids terminology is below)
               The Rest of Us: Thumbs UP!

Cost:  Inexpensive.. the 3 lb boneless pork shoulder was $7.50 at my local Ralphs. OJ: I keep in the house anyways.  Tortillas:  Leftover from last week.  Sour Cream: Staple item in my frig!

So far, I've used the chilorio in burritos and on nachos.  Thinking about tortas tonight. Then my chilorio will be done for the week. Boo...  

Dessert:  After dinner, Ms J announced that she'd like me to pick up some carrots for her.  While I resisted the urge to check her for a fever, I tentatively asked "why?."   She recounted that she learned at school that to much dessert is bad for you and that veggies are good for you, so she'd rather have second helping of carrots instead of dessert a few nights a week.  I quickly checked her for fever (see J's terminology below) and said "ok, but what if you eat a little more carrots with dinner, then just a little dessert?  Ice Cream is made from milk.."   Smart kid she is, she knew where I was heading.. She smiled sly and said "Milk is good for you too..."  I said "Yup".  I got a huge smile and hug.. "Mom your the best!"   I'll share a secret with you.. My kids are the best.. 

So Next Week"  I'm thinking Italian!  Maybe beef brisket as base protein..  I'm already imagining the possibilities!  Any ideas?

Talk to you soon.
K.I.S.S.  Keep in Simple & Success!

Lil'Chef A's eating terminology:  

Thumbs Down:  Any form of fish and if it tastes really and I mean really bad!
Thumbs Up: "Yumm" while shaking her head in agreement and says "Its good"!
Thumbs Flat:  doesn't seem to exist

Ms J's eating terminology: 

Thumbs Down: First (and usually) there is a face like she smelled something horrid, nose crinkled.. eyes looking like they are going to start watering.. and she grunts the equivalent of "no way" and looks for the closest way to spit it out! 

Thumbs Up: Saved for all things fried, fattening, chocolate based and not a vegetable in sight or smell.

Thumbs Flat: This is somewhere in between the nose crinkle and smiling. The face is almost always accompanied by the phrase "It's kinda good". This means, I don't hate it, I don't love it and don't expect me to eat this without some serious bargaining.

Menu Planning: This Week: Chicken

Hi All,

Time for menu planning:  this will be a shortened menu planning, as we are going rv-ing on Friday afternoon (see previous post re need help).. and I have leftover pizza for tonight.  So, this leaves Wednesday and Thursday.  I'm hoping to make only 1 shopping trip to the grocery store this week to get me through till Tuesday when we return.  So, please post either here or on facebook your menu ideas!

My kids love chicken (well sometimes).. Ms J will eat the chicken usually fried in some form.. Lil'Chef A declares every once in a while that she hates chicken.  I don't blame her it's the only thing her sister eats without fussing, so it a staple.

Staples:  So I've been thinking about having regular meal staples.  Usually, I'm so excited about having new recipes that I wouldn't say that we have staples.  Does your family have staples? How often do you rotate?  I'm thinking about incorporating in 4 or 5 staples each month.. maybe 1 or 2 a week?  Might be really good for the budget! 

Sorry, I regress...     Something my picky Ms. J will eat is build your own tacos.  So my chicken has to be either ground or shredded.  Got it!  I'll cook up some baked chicken tenders (breaded with panko breadcrumbs, salt, white pepper, little paprika, little cumin...)  Then I will shred leftovers & put out a bit of lettuce (which they won't touch), tomatoes (ditto on the touching), sour cream, salsa and tortillaland tortillas!  

Thank you for your support!  


Need Help with Menu?

Hello All,

I need your help!  I'm going dry RV-ing this weekend in a small camper.  I need menu ideas? There is a refrigerator on board but I'm not sure how big.  Any ideas on quick, easy, low-dirty-dish menu ideas?

Thxs: T

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